Hong Kong Trade Delegation Sees How Peaches Are Packed

A trade delegation from Hong Kong wanted to see how fresh fruit leaves the farm and ends up in the store.

On Wednesday, the trade group spent a few hours at Fowler Packing to see how peaches, plums and nectarines are packed and shipped to market.

Delegation leader Simon Wong said Hong Kong has been a longtime customer of California agriculture.

"Actually, oriental or Chinese people from Hong Kong are very fond of fruit and fresh vegetables,"Wong said.

The trade development council represents nine different companies in Hong Kong. The companies range from catering, food manufacturing and wholesale and retail industries.

Lee Ann Eager of the Fresno County Development Corporation said the trade group is high on California fresh produce.

"One of the things that we've been hearing in the last year is California fruit and vegetables are in popular demand in Asia and so that was one of the reasons for bringing them here," Eager said.

Phillip Parnagian, one of the owners of Fowler Packing led the tour. He says Fowler Packing sells fruit to Taiwan and Japan but Hong Kong is definitely on its radar.

The trade council also made stops in Napa and Los Angeles.