Honey-Oil Marijuana Explosion: 7 Rushed To Hospital

It has happened again, another explosion in Fresno, resulting from people trying to extract THC out of marijuana, creating the by-product known as 'honey oil'.

This time, seven people were burned.

The explosion happened at the Casa Blanca Apartments on Gettysberg near First Street in central Fresno.

One witness says, "I noticed somebody that had been burned really badly. They were going right in front of my living room window just screaming in pain. I saw their skin was like coming off their arms."

Witnesses say the explosion sent a huge fireball into the sky shortly after 5 Friday evening.

Six men and a woman suffered burns.

Firefighters say one man suffered second-degree burns to more than 50 percent of his body.

Firefighters are concerned because this is the fourth such explosion in Fresno in just the past 2 weeks.

Apartment resident Kristi says, "It was sorrel because I've never seen anything like that, I've never seen someone skin hanging, it was pretty scary."

Another woman says, "It makes me a little nervous, because that could have been my neighbor next to my apartment. My apartment could have caught on fire, there were little kids who lived next door and they were terrified."

Residents say people were running from the blast.

Fire crews say some of the people cooking the illegal oil were seen jumping fences trying to get away while they were on fire.

So now police are checking local hospitals to see if anyone shows up with burns.