Homeless Camp Surfaces In NW Fresno: Neighbor Is Furious

A longtime resident of northwest Fresno says a homeless camp is unacceptable in her neighborhood.{}{}It's nearly{}two weeks in the making along the Fresno Irrigation District canal bank in northwest Fresno. {}

The thing you notice most is the trash building up next to the tents.{} Meredith Beall-Robles is a 28 year resident of the neighborhood.{}{}"It seems the last week and a half it's doubled. {} In the last 48-72 hours that garbage has piled out into the canal bank. {} It's terrible."

Beall-Robles has lived in the neighborhood for 28 years. {} She's made phone calls with no satisfaction.{} "No{}I don't think it's gonna change because the city can't get involved cause of lawsuits. {} The average person doesn't know who to call to get help."

Fresno Irrigation District is well aware of the problem.{} Manager Gary Serrato says this is the third homeless camp in the area to spring up in recent weeks.{} Serrato{}says the homeless encampment will disappear but it takes time to do it legally. {} First{}F-I-D has to post it for fifteen days warning the homeless that clean-up crews are coming in.

Just like the city, Fresno Irrigation has to store valuables that it removes from homeless sites.{} By law it is required to keep things for 90 days and let homeless people know where they can re-claim it.

Fresno Irrigation District budgets 200-thousand dollars to clean up the canals and banks. {} 35-thousand dollars is spent on cleaning up homeless camps.