Home Gets Robbed While Woman Delivers Baby At Hospital

A Pixley couple is in disbelieve that after a thief broke into their home and ripped off everything while they were in the hospital giving birth to their first child.

Edward Seth says it happened while his wife, Cassie was fighting for her life and the life of their unborn baby due to complications.

The couple were robbed of cosmetic and hygiene products and all of their baby items, Seth said.

The family called Tulare County deputies and they say cops arrested their next-door neighbor.

"The neighbor knew exactly what was going on, I had a lot of complications so I was in the hospital for like a month," Cassie said.

Cassie, meanwhile, says amniotic fluid got into her blood stream. She nearly bled to death during the birth. It took 39 pints of blood to keep her alive.

She is slowly recovering thanks to family support and lots of medication. However, she says it will take her two years to recover, but the couple's baby girl, Amber Lynn, is doing well.

Little Amber is about to celebrate her 1 month birthday later this week.