Holiday Travel: Flying At Fresno Airport Cheaper? Not Always!

If you plan to fly anywhere over the holidays now might be the best time to buy your tickets.

By booking a flight in September, rather than waiting until closer to the holidays, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

As you may know, one of the biggest factors influencing airfares is how full the plane is.

Therefore, the sooner you book the better price your going to get.

But, what about flying out of Fresno-Yosemite International Airport compared to other airports?

Using the website, we went looking for airfares for a family of four to a variety of destinations, flying from November 25th through the 29th.

Round-trip, from Fresno to The Big Apple will run you $506 per person, times four that's $2,024.

LAX to New York, it's $369 per person, with a $50 parking fee, that's $1526 for a family of four.

From San Francisco you will pay $386 per person, with $50 parking fee, expect to pay $1594.

From San Jose the same trip comes to $314 per person for a total of $1306 for a family of four including a $50 parking fee.

Looking at the totals, if you do not mind driving to San Jose you could save nearly $700.

Fresno airport spokesperson Vikki Calderon says airports do not set the prices, it is all about supply and demand.

Calderon says, "Larger airports may offer more seats, more airline choices. Here in Fresno the supply and demand factor does come into effect."

What if you flew from Fresno to Denver?

From Fresno, expect to pay $331 per person roundtrip for a total of $1324 for a family of four.

From LAX you will pay $204 per person, add $50 for parking, the total is $866.

From San Francisco, it is $240 per person, add $50 for parking, you will pay $1010.

From San Jose, it is $279 per person, add $50 for parking for a total of $1166.

Looking at the totals you could save nearly $500 driving to LAX.

However, some say the convenience of flying from Fresno is worth every extra penny.

Best advice, book early and if you can be flexible, the price of flights during the holidays can vary greatly depending on the days you travel and which airport you fly from.

Another idea, if you book your ticket directly with the airline on-line, and look for one way flights, you may find cheaper flights.