Historical Marker Stolen In Pinedale

Thieves{}took a historical landmark from the Japanese-American Remembrance Plaza in Pinedale earlier this week.{} The people responsible for the marker hope the vandals will bring it back no questions asked.

The California registered historical landmark number 934 has welcomed visitors to Remembrance Plaza{}since it was dedicated in February of 2007.{} Superior Court Judge Dale Ikeda{}was chairman of the project.{}{} "I think this is an aberration. {} Maybe somebody stole this heavy brass plaque to sell it for scrap rather than to direct it at the Japanese American community."

Many of the picture boards in Remembrance Plaza tell the story of 48-hundred local and out of state Japanese Americans.{} They were forced to live in{}barracks at the Pinedale Assembly Center from May to July in 1942.

The Clovis Veterans Memorial District serves as steward for Remembrance Plaza.{} Bruce Thiesen is its CEO. "To me it would take a sick person to do that. {} This marker represents families who went thru a lot."

Thiesen discovered the marker was missing on Tuesday. {} Judge Ikeda hopes someone will step forward and return it.{} "A plaque replacement cost is $4000 but the significance goes well beyond the monetary aspect of it."

Monday the country celebrates Veteran's Day.{} Judge Ikeda and Bruce Thiesen are hoping for a break in the case before then to make Remembrance Plaza whole again.{}{}

If you have any information on the case you are encouraged to contact Fresno Police.{}