Hillary For President? Senator Urges Ms. Clinton To Run

Hillary for President?{} Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill wants that to happen.{} McCaskill said on Tuesday that she is supporting a group, "Ready for Hillary"{}that wants Ms. Clinton to run for President in 2016.

Ms. Clinton ran in 2008, and did well early in the campaign.{} But she lost the Democratic Party nomination race to then-Senator Barrack Obama.{} President Obama made her his Secretary of State.{} Ms. Clinton served in that position through the President's first term, and stepped down last February.

Ms. Clinton hasn't announced whether she'll run, but some recent polls indicate she might be the top contender for the Democratic Party's nomination.{} President Obama may not run again as he will have served two-terms.

In related news, a jury in Indiana on Tuesday found two Democratic party officials guilty of forgery in criminal charges related to the 2008 Presidential election in that state.

The jury found that a former Democratic Party Chairman and a board of elections worker forged hundreds of signatures on petitions to put Barrack Obama on the state ballot.{} Testimony said that, without these forgeries then-Senator Obama may not have had enough qualified signatures to have been on the Indiana ballot.