High Speed Rail Forces 1950's Drive-in To Close

{}Just one look at the old neon sign and you can tell Angelo's Drive-In in Fresno has been around for while. To be exact since April 10, 1954 Angelo's has been serving up burgers, fries and shakes to generations of families.

Now all in the name of progress, Angelo's will soon be torn down.

Customer Lisa Fernandez says, "My parents had their first date here. Mom ate a banana split and dad ate a meal."

For Lisa Fernandez going to the popular eatery has been a family tradition every Easter, Christmas, and summer break.

She still has not told her dad it will soon be gone.

Lisa Fernandez says, "It will be a sad day in the Valenzuela house when we tell him it's closing September 15, 2013."

The reason: imminent domain, the state is buying the land because it is in the direct path of the high-speed rail project.

Kay Lim, Owner of Angelo's says, "A lot of people in shock, they said no high-speed rail won't touch it. It will never happen, but it does come in."

Lim has already received a 90-day notice, which she must out but September 15.

Patrons like William Engelman, who has been enjoying the chili, and burgers since it opened 59 years ago.

William Engelman says, "It happens to most old timers, things get closed down and replaced and another family goes out of business."

Customer Kimmie Holstine says, "I'm going to find them if they start up some place else again. I'm going to find them."

So will Angelo's Drive-In rebuild some place else?

Lim says her family doesn't know. They are still negotiating with the state on a price for the land. If the owners agree on a price, they could close up sooner, as soon as next month