High-Speed Rail Making Offers On Property

Let the negotiations begin!

Property owners along the high-speed rail route through Fresno are now getting offers for their pieces of land.

Steve Sadler owns Sadler Office Supply and Printing.

Steve says the high-speed rail authority sent him an offer to buy his parking lot.

An offer he is not disclosing.

Steve's parking lot is just one of many properties the high-speed rail authority is trying to buy in the downtown Fresno area.

An area of town, rail authority officials say is the most complicated part of the first phase of the project.

Construction on the first phase of the tracks is set to begin in July.

So did Steve go for the first offer?

Not a chance, he plans to make a counter offer.

Steve says, "Everything is negotiable, I'm in favor of that."

Construction on the first phase of the high-speed rail will be from Madera to Bakersfield, its set to begin in July.