High-Speed Rail? Corcoran Residents Say 'No'

A chorus of Corcoran residents are saying "no" to the California High-Speed Rail Authority's recommended bypass route on the east side of the quiet, rural community.

Residents say the proposed route is putting as many as 40 homes in jeopardy and they fear that they will be uprooted by the bullet train.

"Everyday I think about it. Every night when I go to bed and I wake up in the middle of night it crosses my mind. What are we going to do if we have to leave here?" said Dewie Allen, who, along with his wife Karen, have lived in the Corcoran home that they built themselves for more than 30 years

To the Allen's, living in their Corcoran home has been a dream. They say that they could not imagine living anywhere else. But as proposed, the route would slice right through their living room.

"I sit out here when it's real quiet and I'm just listening and I'm thinking, 'yeah know they're going to take all this from me," Dewie said.

The Allen's are not alone in their plea to keep the High-Speed Rail out of Kings County.{}

"Jerry Brown tells everyone the train is his legacy. This is our legacy. And we'd like to hang on to it, too," said Charlene Hook.

Construction on the first segment of the high-speed rail line, just north of Fresno,{} is scheduled to start this summer.{} There's no word yet when work on the Corcoran section will begin.