High Speed Chase - Police Surprised When They See Who Is Driving

Clovis Police say an accused car thief took them on a high-speed chase and that the person behind the wheel was a woman. Police say 27 year-old Brandi Wineland is accused of stealing a car from an auto repair shop near Downtown Clovis. The Honda Civic was parked in front of the shop with the keys inside the car. Officers say Wineland walked right up to the car, got inside, and drove off. The Clovis Police Department issued an alert for the stolen car. A few minutes later officers spotted it at a gas station on Shaw and Willow. Investigators say Wineland was putting gas in the car and as soon as she saw officers, she took off. Police chased Wineland down several Clovis streets. Officers say at times Wineland was going 80-miles-per-hour and running red lights. At the intersection of Dakota and Peach, Police say Wineland tried to turn but ended up hitting a car. Officers realized they had an opportunity to prevent Wineland from fleeing, so they used the 'PIT' maneuver to stop her. Wineland complained of pain and she was taken to the hospital. No one else was hurt. Officers say Wineland told them she stole the car so she could visit her mom in Tollhouse.