Car Thief Caught After High-Speed Chase In Madera County

Marcos Solis was handcuffed by officers after a high-speed chase bedded in front of his home.

A Madera County man ended up in handcuffs on Tuesday after a bizarre high-speed chase ended at his doorstep

"I was playing some Black Ops or something and then the game became reality," said Marcos Solis.

Solis was inside of his house playing a video game when he heard police activity outside.

Two men had stolen a pickup truck from a county maintenance worker, the California Highway Patrol said. When officers tried to chase the car down, the car thief's sped off.

The car thief's stopped the car miles away and bolted.

Officers arrested the passenger, but the driver ran into a nearby home with Solis inside.

"One officer came up to me, he pulls his gun and I'm like, 'Oh, what did I do?' And he says, 'Get on your knees.' And they arrested me," Solis said.

Solis was not arrested. But officers did question him after he was handcuffed.

Meanwhile, the driver of the stolen car was found hiding in a closet nearby. He was booked into the Madera County Jail for carjacking.

CHP officers apologized to Solis for the mix-up.