Hidden Cash Comes to Fresno, Hundreds Turn Out for Money, Fun

Money can make people do some amazing things.

On Monday, it made some people climb trees, walk through waist-high weeds, jump in a pond, or jump out of bed and into their cars at 10 p.m.

The reason: the online social media phenomenon known as "Hidden Cash" came to Fresno.

"Fresno is a great town, it's often overlooked. It's got half a million people, which in most states it would be the biggest city if not the second biggest," said Jason Buzi, the man behind the giveaway twitter handle.

Buzi is a real estate mogul from the Bay Area.

He wound up hiding money in Fresno twice on Monday, with the giveaways four hours apart.

The first money dropa combined $1,800-- was at Woodward Park.

Nine-year-old Xavier Romero spent his birthday looking for money with his family.

He said his experience Geocaching helped.

"I've been doing it since I was little, it's my favorite thing to do," he said.

Xavier found a silver dollar.

His mother also found an envelope with $100 cash.

Moments before, Lula Gomez and her puppy found another silver coin.

"It's so exciting, so many people," Gomez said. "It's so lovely because were all wishing each other good luck. It's a very pretty thing!"

Kandis Hernandez and her husband Kyle were also among the lucky finders.

"I think it's a really great thing to help out the communities. Even though he may not be from Fresno, he's helping out a lot of people in need," Hernandez says. "I found 75 dollars!"

Christian Marquez also found some of the "Hidden Cash."

He scored one of the three envelopes witPez Ped dispenser inside.

The envelope contained $75 cash.

The Pez dispenser had another $100.

"I've always wanted to pay it forward, but I didn't have money because I don't have a job," the high school senior said. "Now I can!"

Ten-year-old Solomon Foster headed to the park with his father, brother and grandmother.

He found an envelope containing $75.

"It's a great way for us to come together," he said.

Even those who didn't find the money, say they gained something from the search.

Cecilia Gutierrez was dressed in scrubs. She played hookie from work and instead, came to the park with her children.

"I'm grateful for this, I get to be wichildrenhidren and spend time with them!"

Shortly after 10 p.m., Buzi made a second, nighttime drop at Keith Tice Park, near Clovis West High School.

"I kinda felt bad that so many people were out and a lot were not finding the money or misunderstanding the clues," Buzi said.

There, he hid eight Pez dispensers, containing between $75 and $100.

The first one was found by a girl, who was celebrating her birthday.

Does Buzi plan to return to Fresno?

"Definitely, I didn't hesitate on that for a second. Definitely going to come to other places in the Valley," he said.

"The money comes from me, mostly, and property dealings. It's money that if I wasn't do this with it, would be sitting in my bank account."