Hidden Airline Fees - Man Pays Big Bucks To Carry Bag Onto Plane

Hidden airline fees aren't a secret anymore. However, the amount of some of those fees is taking many by surprise and a Valley man had to pay big bucks to carry his bag on his flight. "I've said several times I'll never fly Frontier again," says Aaron Parreira, who paid $100 for his carry-on bag, "They made me look like an idiot in the Denver Airport and I had no control over it." Aaron Parreira is still angry about what happened when he flew Frontier Airlines to get to his uncle's funeral.{} He says it all started when he booked his flight on Orbitz and decided to carry his bag onto the plane. "I checked in at the front, and the other people that were with me had checked bags, and they paid $25," adds Parreira, "I thought I was lucky because I had a carry-on and I didn't have to pay for it." Parreira says no one told him he had to pay for his bag until it was time to board in Denver. He says the Frontier employee told him that without a red stamp on his boarding pass he couldn't take his bag on the plane. "I was a little shocked, I was a little irritated, and then I caused a little bit of a scene," says Parreira, "My only choices were to pay $100 or leave my bag there in Denver." KMPH Fox 26 News called Frontier Airlines and a spokesperson said "This passenger declined having a carry-on when he printed his boarding pass. He then arrived at the gate with a carry-on, and should have been charged the $100 carry-on fee at the gate in Fresno. We apologize to Mr. Parreira for the confusion we caused, but our agents in Denver were correct in charging the $100 fee when they found that he had not yet paid." Frontier Airlines also says that when passengers buy tickets through a third-party website, like Orbitz, they have to pay for carry-on bags. Parriera says that it wouldn't have been a big deal if the situation was handled differently. "Had I known this when we first checked in maybe it would have been different, but I was in the middle of my trip and I didn't have any other choice," says Parreria. A spokesperson for Frontier says a new policy for checked bags has started this week. There will be a fee for all carry-on bags; it does not matter where you buy the ticket. The fees for those carry-on bags are cheaper than what Parreira paid. They now range between $20 and $50.