Heroes Welcome For Wounded Warrior At The Fresno Airport

A Valley soldier makes it home just in time for the holidays. Sgt. Thomas Narciso has been to war before. He's been to Iraq, and now he's back from Afghanistan. His mother cried when she hugged him at the Fresno airport and Sgt. Narciso wasn't expecting such a huge homecoming.

No one told Sgt.{}Narciso that a color guard and family, friends and strangers would welcome him home at the airport. "I wasn't really expecting it. It was kind of surprising and a little overwhelming to come back to this. I wasn't really at all expecting this. I just thought my parents were gonna be here."

Wednesday night was the night Hortencia Narciso dreamed about for months. "She feels so happy, and she's grateful all his friends and family come over here to support him and just to be here with her at this moment."

Also there to support Sgt. Narciso was the Patriot Guard Riders. Its leader Stan Shorey{}presented him with a gift card to buy a turkey. "Most of them are funerals, but welcome homes are a lot of fun. A lot better than funerals."

Sgt. Narciso dislocated his knee while doing work on base in Afghanistan. He's spent the past two months rehabbing the knee in Texas. His wife Monique is also in the military currently stationed in Afghanistan. "It's gonna be a little hard. It hasn't really hit that much yet. It will probably hit more tomorrow when she's not with us for the family, but I'll feel it tomorrow for sure."

Monique will be missed, but it's going to be a festive Thanksgiving at the Narciso home Thursday. They're thankful that their soldier is home for the holidays.