Help for Heart Surgery; Fresno Man Can't Afford New Pacemaker

A Fresno man only has a matter of weeks before his heart runs out of beats.

The man needs a new pacemaker, or else his heart will stop.

The one thing that's stopping him from getting it- is the price tag.

"It's just hard and sad that there's no help for people in my situation," said 33-year-old Dion King.

Like many people, he has hit some hard times during the recession.

"Past couple years have been pretty rough,{} a lot of layoffs. I finally feel like I have a great job now and I have a career, but I don't have benefits until fall," said King.

But he can't wait until fall to get heart surgery.

He's had a pacemaker since he was 16 years old after he was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome - a condition where the heart's sinus node - the natural pacemaker, does not work properly.

He says his family keeps his heart going.

"One thing I learned since this has happened, I may not have a lot of money, but I got all the love in the world," said King.

If love could pay the bills, he'd be set.

Or if he didn't have a job at all, he says he'd have an easier time getting help.

"But because I do have a job and do make money, there's no help for me.{} We talked to charities, we talked to the hospitals, we talked to everybody," said King.

He says he has until the second week of august before the battery in his current pacemaker runs out of power.

The surgery will cost him at least $20,000.

He says he doesn't qualify for government help because he makes too much money.

His parents offered to put their house up to get cash but, "I won't let that happen, I can't do that," said King.

King says he's not asking for a handout, just some help.

The family is holding a car wash Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th to raise money so Dion can get a new pacemaker.

It's going to be held at the "Johnny Quik" convenience store at the corner of Bullard and Fowler in Clovis.

You can also go online and make a donation.

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