Hells Angels Play Santa: Deliver Bikes To Needy Kids

Since 1998 the Hells Angels have been putting smiles on the faces of less fortunate children. Saturday the motorcycle group delivered dozens of bicycles to kids waiting in downtown Fresno.{}

It's an entrance that makes the ground vibrate and gives young and old the chills. For the past fourteen years the Hells Angels have made Christmas merrier for kids who live in the downtown area. Merl Hefferman is the leader of the group. "From my charter to you and from our sponsors a truck full of toys!"

When the Hells Angels first joined hands with Poverello House fourteen years ago they brought eight new bikes. Saturday there were 120 shiny bikes in the truck.

Kathryn Weakland is spokesperson for Poverello House. "It's just amazing that this many chapters came together to really support Poverello House, but more importantly give to the kids in need."

It's a sight to behold. When the kids have their number called they begin walking down the rows of bikes. Some are quick to select. Others have to check the handle bars and kick the tires.{}

Laura Valencia saw her two children make their picks. "It was great cause this year{}I got laid off from work so it's pretty good for them to give a bike for my daughter and my son too."

Members of the Hells Angels including Merl Hefferman always stay to watch the kids pick bikes. "I do this every year and{}I couldn't do it without our sponsors. It's awesome."

Once the last bike is selected, members of the Hells Angels hop on their Harleys and hit the road.