Heated Debate Over A Proposed Clovis Apartment Complex

A big fight in Clovis over a proposed apartment complex is over for now. The city has decided not to allow the area on Temperance and Ashlan to be re-zoned. The move goes against a 40-year city plan to building something like an apartment complex on the land.

Members of the "Clovis Planning Commission" say they don't think the 47-unit apartment complex would fit into the residential neighborhood. The commissioners also said they were swayed after hearing from more than 300-people who live in neighborhood.

"The whole idea of coming in and shaking that whole model up is really obnoxious to me," says Steve Spriggs who is against the apartment complex.

"Now we're facing a big change here. I mean this is going to impact the entire neighborhood," says Arturo Coronoa who is also against the apartment complex.

The heated debate surrounds a plot of land on the Northeast corner of Temperance and Ashlan. People say the proposed 47-unit complex would have created traffic and crime in their neighborhood.

"We have young children playing in the yards and that's all going to go away," says Mario Vitucii, who is against the apartment complex, "Children are going to be endangered by cars and who knows child molesters."

However, the developer says that's not that case.

"It's not fair to say just because someone lives in an apartment complex that they are going to be committing a crime," says developer Ken Motschiedler.

The developer says he is looking into appealing the decision.