Head Lice Infested Students: Central Unified May Change Policy

Should a student who has head lice on campus be immediately taken out of school, or be allowed to stay in class until the end of the day?

The Governing Board of Central Unified will vote on the issue, in a couple of weeks.

But the way district officials are leaning has several parents bugged.

Currently it is up to the school nurse to decide if a child will be sent home immediately.

The board is considering keeping the student in class on campus until the end of the day

Central Unified representatives say they are considering this, "... to minimize disruption of the educational process and to reduce the number of student absences due to infestation."

Parents are not happy.

Janice Cornado says, "Once one has them it's really fast and easy for others to get them and we don't want the students to be infested with them."

A Central Unified spokesperson says the district will vote on the possible policy change at the next board meeting February 12th.

The spokesperson pointed out, the California Department of Public Health does recommend keeping student with lice in class until the end of the day, because the other kids in class have been exposed.