Have You Seen This Wanted Man? Police Want To Know

The Clovis Police Department is looking for 40-year-old Michael Kitley.

Police say Kitley was involved in a major identity theft and counterfeit ring.

Police say Kitley jumped out of a window, but left 23-year-old Toni Taylor and 24-year-old Ashlie Gilbert behind.

The women were arrested after being found inside a Clovis hotel with stolen property belonging to nearly a hundred people.

Clovis resident Brian Stewart says his identity was stolen by Kitley.

Brian Stewart says, "It's pretty frustrating, I'm somewhat young, I'm 31 and trying to get good credit still and people like that mess your life up for you."

Police say the women and Kitley were making counterfeit money, and had stolen cameras, purses, and bank cards.

Clovis Police Spokesperson, Janet Stoll-Lee says, "If people had been victimized it looks like there may have been as many as a hundred, and we don't know for sure until detectives have the opportunity to go through all of the paperwork, and there are bags of it."

Clovis police say the staff of the Fairfield Inn Marriott did everything right. As part of their procedure every guest who pays for a room, staff check their identification and credit card to make sure they match. The only problem in this case, the credit card was stolen and the identification was a fake."

Now cops and Stewart just want to find Kitley.

Brian Stewart says, "I'm just waiting for them to let me know that they got him, he still has all my stuff still."

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kitley is urged to call the Clovis Police Department or Crimestoppers at 559-498-STOP.