Have You Seen Me? Clovis Police Helping Man Find Missing Dog

A Clovis man says he desperately needs your help tonight.

Randy Cook lost his French bulldog last week.

"That's my dog man, that's my best friend. Who do I talk to everyday? Everybody loves that dog," said Cook.

Cook says it all started Friday night while he was driving down 5th Street in Clovis.

He says he started feeling sick, and pulled over into police headquarters for help.

Police arrived and called an ambulance for Cook.

"They said you can't take the dog in the ambulance, so I said to take the dog to the neighbor's house," said Cook.

Instead, the officer put Max in his car and drove him to Clovis Animal Services on Villa Avenue.

The officer told Cook he could pick up Max at the shelter once he was feeling better.

"He opened the door to bring him out and all of a sudden, the dog just bolted. He ran off and the officer ran after him," said Janet Stoll-Lee with Clovis Police Department.

The officer chased after Max for two miles around Villa and Bullard, where Max was last seen.

Since Friday, Randy has been posting flyers all over the area.

"They are connected to the hip; I have never seen a dog love his master any more than that dog. You would have to see it to believe it. Randy is devastated," said Jerry Robbins, Cook's neighbor.

Cook is hopeful someone will find his dog; in the meantime he says he only has one message for the public.

"Can you return my dog? Because my dog is my best friend," said Cook.

Clovis police is helping in the search.

An Animal Services officer is actively following leads provided by nearby residents in the 600 block of W. Barstow Avenue.

The department also has postings on social media.

If you happen to spot Max, you are asked to call Clovis Animal Services at (559)324-2451 or Clovis Police dispatch at (559)324-2800.

Randy Cook is offering a $1,000 reward for whoever finds his dog.