Simple Sentiments; Hanford Students Send Cards To Newtown, Connecticut

Simple, heartfelt sentiments, from one small town to another.

Students at a Hanford high school are wrapping their arms around the grieving community of Newtown, Connecticut with the simple act of taking pen to paper.

"We were thinking, we could give a little bit, we can't go over there, but we can show support from the Central Valley with this event," said Michaela Denham, a student at Sierra Pacific High School in Hanford.

It was 11th grader, Victor Chavarin's idea.

"I thought maybe we should get cards and have students sign them from our school saying we support you, from the West Coast to the East Coast, the whole country supports you and so does Sierra Pacific in little Hanford. It's nothing big but it shows that we do care," said Chavarin.

It gave his fellow students an outlet to pour their hearts and express their sorrow.

Dozens of students took time out of their day to sign the cards and write messages of support and condolences.

"I have a little sister she's 5 years old. {}If that happened to her I don't know what I would do," said Venus Jimenez, a student at Sierra Pacific.

"It's about caring and love for these people, because what happens if it was you and your family, you would do the same thing for them," said Monica Smith, a student at Sierra Pacific.

The students plan to send the cards and poster, not just to Sandy Hook Elementary school, but also to the police and fire departments. They want to spread their support across the entire Newtown community.

And now, many students are coming to grips with the harsh reality that this type of unspeakable tragedy could happen in any small town in America.

"I think it's more impactful on a school campus, because you think it could've happened to me, it could've been us that had this tragedy go through this school," said Denham.

The U.S. Postal Service has dedicated a P.O. box to the Newtown community.

If you'd like to send your condolences, you can mail them to:

P.O. Box 3700Newtown, Connecticut 06470