Hanford Dad Builds Princess Carriage For His Disabled Daughter

{}It's a labor of love for a Hanford dad who built his daughter a princess carriage for Halloween.

With a bit of magic a dream that Jaime Solis has for his daughter Riley is coming true.

"I hope it draws a lot of attention and people see that there's things you can do to make their Halloween a little funnier, a little better," says Solis.

17-year old Riley has cerebral palsy, but seeing the carriage brings a smile to her face. Her dad says it didn't take a magic wand and bippity boppity boo to make the carriage. Instead, it was a lot of love.

"There are four wheels from wheelchairs that were donated to us," says Solis, "I had someone mention that I could take the outer rings off, but I wanted to leave them on there. I want people to see that they are wheelchair parts."

In her carriage Riley will be the princess of the Halloween in Hanford. While she may not leave a pink slipper behind, Solis says he hopes there's a happy ending.

"If I can show people this and if it inspires one person to do something like this than I'm happy," adds Solis.