Hanford Bike Builder Accepts Discovery Channel Challenge

Rick Bray makes a living building race cars but motorcycles are his passion.{}{}In 2013 the{}Hanford bike builder had his biggest breakthrough so far in his career.{} A red custom built motorcycle put him in the winner's circle at the Las Vegas Bike Fest, Artistry in Iron.{} He beat out 19 other artists considered to be the best in the nation.{}{}Bray's latest challenge is from the Discovery Channel.{} He has five weeks and a $15,000 budget to create a work of art on wheels.{}{}In the first two weeks the motorcycle is taking shape and he says it will be ready for paint in one week.{} Bray's bikes are simple yet striking with chrome and all the fine detail.{} Everything is handmade including the wheels.{} He says the toughest parts to make are the frame and the forks.{} "That's what sets the whole bike up.{} If you start with the wrong stance you might as well start over.{} It's gotta start with a good frame and a good set of forks."Bray usually only makes one motorcycle per year.{} That's why the Discovery Channel five week commitment is such a challenge.{} "You don't see anything like this around here.{} It's pretty cool were involved.{} We're really{}honored to be a part of this.{} It's special.{} We're taking it serious."Bray is only taking on two artists from Northern California in the Discovery Channel competition.{} He says{}being invited is just as good as winning.{} His episode will appear on the Discovery Channel on June 16th.{} He and his two competitors will{}showcase their motorcycles and then viewers will decide the winner with voting on social media.{}