Hail On The Way? Crops Could Be At Risk

Along with the expected rain on Tuesday, the Valley may be in for some hail.

Hail{}spells bad news for growers and ranchers who could be at risk of losing their crops. {}

According to the Fresno County Farm Bureau, the tiny blossoms are the most fragile when it comes to the harsh hail.

The hail can not only knock off the blossom, it can bruise it, causing permanent damage.

It is especially crucial now during the early growing stages.

The Bureau's CEO says just about any tree or vine-related crop could be affected.

{}"Hail is by far one of the worst things we could see this time of year. Hail is obviously a very isolated case, you will typically see strips of clouds come through, but as we saw two years ago ... parts of the southern part of the county and northern Tulare County that were absolutely devastated...100% lost," said Ryan Jacobsen, with the Fresno County Farm Bureau.

It is especially true for Fresno County's top two grossing crops.

Grapes and almonds alone bring in around two billion dollars combined.

According to the Jacobsen, hail is pretty common here in the Valley during springtime.