Guy Runs From Police And Ends Up On A Clovis Roof

{}Imagine not being able to go home, because a guy running from police is on a roof and he won't come down. People in a Clovis neighborhood experienced that situation Friday afternoon for 2 hours.

The guy on the roof wandered around and swung his arms, but he wouldn't get off the roof. Police shut down part of Austin Street in Clovis and had the home surrounded.

Witnesses say the guy started causing trouble at a gas station near the neighborhood. They say he was harassing people and started running through traffic.

"He was yelling at people and not making a lot of sense," says a witness, "When we called 911 the cops showed up and he ran away from them into this neighborhood."

Police say the guy ran on top of a shed and then jumped up onto the roof. Officers say they tried to get the man to come down, but he refused. So, they brought in a negotiator.

"He was acting very unusual and making bizarre statements," says Sgt. Jim Koch from the Clovis Police Department.

Police think the man was acting bizarre, because he was under the influence. The guy ended up giving up and came down from the roof using a ladder. Paramedics put him in an ambulance and took him to the hospital. Police say the guy is still in the hospital under observation.