Gun Toting Masked Bandit Robs Visalia Gas Station

A clerk at a Visalia gas station thought the{}robber pointing a gun at him was joking.{} But he realized it was real when the{}thief barked at him to open the register.{}

The gunman wearing a mask walked into the Chevron station on east Mineral King in Visalia just before ten Friday night. {} He pointed his gun at both clerks and ordered Harjot Singh to move to the register.{}{}"You open the register.{} I{}open the register. {} So he took the money. {} Only like one minute."{} The entire holdup was caught on{}surveillance{}video.{}{}

Besides the mask the gunman was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and gray baggy shorts that drooped below his waist. {} Harjot Singh said the holdup lasted only a minute. {} It was the last fifteen seconds that he found frightening.{}{}"No{}I no experience this in my life. {} The first time it happened. {} So{}I just feel like the guys kidding me.{}{}The last fifteen seconds{}I realize he's serious."

The gunman cleaned out 1600 dollars from the cash drawer. {} He also helped himself to a few items on the counter. {} No one was hurt.