Gun Fire From Indoor Range Leaves Neighbors Fired Up

It is a battle over gun noise.

The owner of a Clovis shooting range says he has made improvements, but the people who live nearby say it is not enough.

Marleny Perez says she can hear the gunfire loud and clear from her backyard.

"It's been a real hardship for our family, with the kids trying to study with us trying to sleep," Perez said.

But, Jacob Belemjian, the owner of the Firing Line argues that some culpability falls on the neighbors.

Belemjian says he understands his neighbors bought their homes without an indoor shooting range nearby, but he says they probably got a good deal because it was next door to an empty lot zoned for industry.

What's more, Belemjian says the city of Clovis told him the noise from the indoor shooting range can't be above 65 decibels.

Belemjian says, he's way below that and in full compliance.

"Our actual level is around 57, 58 decibels," he said, adding that since the shooting range opened last March, he has made even more improvements.

"The city [of Clovis] hasn't told me, 'hey you need to lower your decibel output because it's too high and we are getting lots of complaints,'" he said. "We've done this all on our own, at our expense to be a better neighbor."

The Firing Line's conditional use permit will be reviewed on Feb. 25 before the Planning Department.

However, the Clovis City Council will have the final decision, which will likely be made sometime in March.