New Gun Control Threat Causes Buying Frenzy

The threat of new gun-control laws is causing a buying frenzy in gun sales.

According to state records, Tuesday in California more than six-thousand guns were bought.

Ann Gibson says she's a proud and responsible gun owner, and a member of the "Blush and Bullets" Gun Club of Fresno. She is part of a growing number of women who are arming themselves for protection and recreation.

While she and others call the Connecticut shootings "horrific and terrible", some say Congress and President Obama should focus their attention not on new gun control regulations, but on the mentally ill people behind these mass shootings.

Raimey Allardyce says, "My rights and other people's rights should not be taken away because some people can't handle that, it's about helping people in need and not taking away our second amendment rights because we have the right to protect ourselves."

More people are protecting themselves, so much so manufacturers can't keep up with a nationwide demand.

Bill Mayfield of Gilmay Guns says California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. He says with politicians talking about making them more strict people are buying and buying.

But with success come many concerns.

Bill Mayfield says, "First you have a bunch of sales, then you have no sales at all because there is nothing left at the whole sales and manufacturing level for you to sell. The rent is still due, and inevitable you end up with more legislation banning more of what you can sell, and making it more burdensome for you to sell it."