Guardsman Stops Burglars Inside Apartment

An Army National guardsman surprised three burglars inside his apartment.

In the end, all three, including the getaway driver, were caught.

Officers say one of the men was hiding in the garage of a northeast Fresno home, after running from a burglary blocks away.

Police say the men were running from U.S. Army National Guardsman Lee Vue.

Vue walked in on them in the middle of burglarizing his apartment

"It's not right. I am out there doing the work, trying to protect our country and people out there are invading your home," Vue said. "They tried to take stuff that we worked so hard for."

Vue called police, and officers in the area quickly converged on the neighborhood.

With the help of police dogs and a lot of searching, in the end, all three men and the suspected getaway driver were caught.