Grocery Store Overcharges Customers, Can It Happen To You?

An Orange Cove grocery store is apologizing after it charged people CRV for items like chips and ice. The fee is only supposed to be used for things like soda, water, and alcohol. KMPH Fox 26 News investigated to find out why customers were overcharged.

Olga Alvarado says she always checks her receipts. When she bought ice for a Labor Day picnic she noticed that she was charged a 10-cent CRV.

"I asked the girl and she just said she didn't know," says Olga Alvarado, a customer who was overcharged.

Alvarado's cousin also shopped at "A.C. Market" on Labor Day and got charged a 10-cent CRV for chips.

"I kind of thought how many 10-cents have they charged customers," adds Alvarado.

The assistant manager of "A.C. Market" says he didn't realize they were overcharging customers until he saw this posting on the KMPH Fox 26 News Facebook page.

"I believe this accidentally happened and we didn't mean this," says Assistant Manager of "A.C. Market" Ayesh Ahmed.

He says a new owner recently bought the grocery store and new register software malfunctioned, charging CRV'S on wrong items. There are now signs all over the store letting customers know what happened and offering refunds.

"We apologize for this from the bottom of our hearts, we really apologize for this," adds Ahmed.

KMPH Fox 26 News did talk to a state CRV investigator and he verified everything the store manager said. The investigator says he spoke on the phone with "A.C. Market's" owner and it was a software error that caused the problem and it has been fixed.