Grocery Shopping: How To Save Time And Money

If you're not a fan of clipping coupons or sorting through the weekly specials, don't worry, there are still ways to save money and time at the supermarket.

During your next shopping trip, start with the perimeter of the store.

That is where the produce, meat, seafood and dairy sections usually are.

Try to avoid the middle aisles.

The middle aisles typically carry prepackaged snacks.

Avoiding those aisles can help you from making impulse buys and save you money.

It can also make for a healthier shopping cart.

Look for the unit price when comparing the price of brands or when comparing brands names versus store brands.

The price per pound, per ounce or per unit will give you a better idea of how to compare the price of items.

You will likely see it on the shelf next to the item's price.

Items on sale and items purchased in bulk can be a great way to save money, but only if you're going to use all of it.

Buying too much can otherwise be a waste of money and of food.

Before putting those items in your cart, especially dairy items like yogurt, check the expiration dates.

If you really can't avoid the temptation of those inner grocery aisles, try placing an order online.

Many supermarket websites offer shipping and pick-up options.

It can help you stick to your grocery list without in store distractions.

To stay away from making impulse buys or multiple trips to the store, experts recommend making a menu and a shopping list.

They say it is one of the best ways to stick to buying only what you need.