Grizzlies Need To Fill 200 Seasonal Jobs

The Fresno Grizzlies are only two months away from opening day. {}Saturday they started searching for seasonal help. {}

Some came armed with resumes others had their pens ready to begin filling out applications. {} Derrell Bennett is seeking a security job and he brought a police certificate to show he's experienced.{} "Man{}I just like the environment here. {} A good opportunity. {} You know it's hard to look for jobs right now. {} They had a job fair and{}I took the opportunity."

Saturday's job fair offered 200 positions. {} Everything from ticket takers, ushers, security, housekeeping, bat boys and grounds crew. {}

Chris Kutz of the{}Grizzlies say it's all about first impressions.{} "We want everyone to be fun, energetic, ready to contribute that family friendly atmosphere that we put on here at Chukchansi Park. {} Be outgoing because fans want to see personal people when they walk in the gate."

Twelve hundred people submitted applications during the two hour job fair. {} Lamar Perry hopes he's one of the lucky ones.{} "I put in a good resume plus my last job was security. {} I was working for the Oakland Raiders games with my cousin. {} He got me my job so{}I have some history with security."

All jobs up for grabs Saturday are part-time from April thru September.