Grinch Crooks Steal Christmas Decorations

A Visalia family is hoping the Grinches who stole their homemade Christmas ornaments bring them back.

Around 3:30 Saturday morning, a group of kids, believed to be in high school, ripped off several decorations from the Aguirre family's home.

Benny Aguirre says, "It pisses me off. At first they didn't even finish taking the stuff, they just made a mess. I was pretty mad."

Gabby Guerrero says, "I didn't spend thousands of dollars on it, but to us it was worth more than a thousand dollars because it's priceless for your son and for the holidays."

The family did file a police report, but there isn't much the cops can do.

They just hope these kids will look familiar to somebody and that will help get their{}decorations back.