Great Day Kitchen - The Peaks Restaurant / Wuksachi Lodge

Check out Chef Jeff Graham from The Peaks Restaurant, within the Wuksachi Lodge, located in the heart of Sequoia National Park, show Kim and Kopi how to prepare the perfect Valentine's Day Dinner.


Cedar Planked Alaskan Salmon:

oIngredients: 1 salmon filet per diner; salt and pepper; lemon slices

oSeason each salmon filet with salt and pepper as desired

oPan sear

oOnce seared, transition to cedar plank and roast in oven with sliced lemon at 400 degrees until cooked through


Salmon is served with a Grilled Lemon Berblanc:

oIngredients: 1 lemon; 2 tablespoons of shallots, minced fine; 6 ounces white wine; 4 ounces of cubed and chilled butter; 1 sprig of minced tarragon

oSlice lemon in thirds and grill

oJuice grilled pieces and reserve liquid

oIn a sauce pan, sweat shallots until translucent. Deglaze with wine and reserved juice.

oReduce liquid by 25%

oRemove from heat, add tarragon, and whisk in chilled butter


Drinking Chocolate:

oIngredients: 42 ounces cream; 22 ounces chocolate of choice; 1/2 tablespoon cayenne pepper; 1/2 tablespoon cumin; 1/2 tablespoon rancho pepper

oChop chocolate into small pieces

oHeat cream to a scald (180 degrees)

oAdd spices to cream

oAdd cream into bowl with chocolate and mix until smooth