Graduate Inspires Others To Pursue A Better Future

During a ceremony in Fresno Friday evening, 170 migrant farmworkers graduated with the GED's.

Luz Alcala and her mom, Maria Montoya graduated together during the ceremony. They also started their journey together when they came to Fresno a few years ago.

"I came from Mexico three years ago and my experience was hard because I didn't speak at all," says graduate Luz Alcala, "I didn't understand English at all."

Alcala says she always planned on going to college.

"I just came over and started studying and working hard," adds Alcala.

However, when Alcala had her daughter she was a few credits shy of graduating. Then she heard about "SER-Jobs for Progress." It's a federally funded, free program that helps migrant farmworkers get their GED's.

"It opens up a lot of doors for them, especially economically," says Alejandra Juarez from 'SER-Jobs For Progress', "They're going to be able to provide more for their families."

Alcala joined the program and also encouraged her mom to pursue her GED.

"I helped her," says Alcala, "I was like "mom you gotta go, even though you're in the United States you have to keep going forward. You need to get your GED and get a better job."

Both Alcala and Montoya received their GED's on Friday and that's not all that happened.

"Actually today was my first day at Fresno State which was good," says Alcala.

Alcala is in Fresno State's pre-nursing program and says she would like to become a doctor.

If you're interested in 'SER-Jobs For Progress' call the office at 559-452-0881.