Governor Schwarzenegger To Hand-Out Thanksgiving Meals In Fresno

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in Fresno on Wednesday.

The governor will be dropping by Catholic Charities, near Downtown Fresno, to hand out Thanksgiving Day meals.

The charity, like others across the valley, has been struggling this year with donations because of the economic crunch.{}Officials for the charity told KMPH that{}this week last year they gave out more than 500 turkeys, however{}this year, they barely have 50 turkeys in the cooler.

Governor Schwarzenegger will also be giving away clothing while in town.

Schwarzenegger is expected to arrive at the charity around 1 p.m. Catholic Charities is located at 149 North Fulton Street in Fresno.

It will be one of two visits the Governor makes around the state on Wednesday. He will also visit a youth center in Los Angeles to hand out Turkeys.

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