Governor Schwarzenegger In Fresno County To Sign Water Bill

Governor Schwarzenegger will be in the{}town{}on Monday{}to sign a water bill that could have a major impact on the Central Valley.

Schwarzenegger will sign the legislation at{}2 p.m.{}at Millerton Lake. The bill will approve an $11 billion bond measure, leaving it up for voters to decide next November.

The money would be used to improve water infrastructure, and pay for new storage facilities both above and below ground.

{}The governor has{}already signed a number of bills that pertained to policies, including water use restrictions, and forming a governing board for the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

{}The legislation comes after all-night session by{}the state Assembly{}last week which approved{}the billion dollar{}bond to fund a comprehensive overhaul of California's water system.

{}Farmers on the valley's Westside have been hit hard by low water deliveries and severe drought conditions.

Farmers say the water crisis had led them to leave a quarter-million acres of land idle; thousands across the valley are without work. Some cities report unemployment rates as high as 40%.

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