Governor Brown Says Drought Has His Full Attention

Governor Jerry Brown made a quick visit to the World Ag Expo in Tulare to say that he is doing all he can to deal with the drought.{} The Governor told reporters that he's trying to get California the water that it needs on a short term and long term basis.{}

When asked what kind of hope he can give worried Valley growers the Governor responded: "Well I'm worried too.{} I'm worried about the climate, I'm worried about the weather.{} We've got a lot of concern but we are still a wealthy state and we can get a lot done."

Friday President Obama travels to the Valley for a short visit.{} Governor Brown wants the President to see the devastation from the drought and how California needs the federal government to invest in water projects.

He admits that people in different parts of the state think differently about water.{} He said at this stage of his life he believes he's the person to bring the sides together and find a compromise.