Governor Brown Signs New Gun Control Laws

Hunters and gun owners are speaking out against California Governor Jerry Brown's new gun control legislation signed into law Friday afternoon.

Avid hunter, James Mize says the latest move by Brown to outlaw the use of lead bullets by hunters, is ridiculous.

James Mize says, "A few years back, they decided they didn't want to make the lead bullets because when you shoot a squirrel and a condor eats the squirrel, it kills the condor. I've never seen any condors up in this area. It's all just a bunch of crap."

Gun store owner, Adam Moore says, "At the beginning of deer season our entire shelf was double stacked, but now we are down to just one single row."

Workers at Valley Rod and Gun say once the ban goes into effect, hunters will have a tough time finding ammunition. Workers say when they do, hunters will have to pay up to 4 times more money for all copper bullets.

Moore says, "Once it's a solid copper round they could consider that an armored piercing and is that just an agenda to push through to ban bullets in the entire state."

Governor Brown did veto seven measures, including a proposal to ban the sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines.

If it had passed, members of the National Rifle Association had threatened to file a lawsuit.

However, Governor Brown did sign a bill that will prohibit gun ownership by people who make serious threats licensed psychotherapists.

In addition, new rifle owners will be required to get safety training certified, similar to what is already required for handgun owners.

Mize says, "The main problem I have with it, you going to have to pay for all that. It's not going to be free."

Hunters have to stop using lead ammunition by July of 2019.