Governor Asks President Obama to Reconsider Water Crisis

By Monty Torres and Winston Whitehurst

Fresno, CA- "President Obama, reconsider."

That's the message to the White House from Governor Schwarzenegger Monday night.

The Governor sent a letter to the President, asking him to take another look at California's request for a major federal disaster declaration as a result of the state's severe water crisis.

A federal disaster designation can open the door for federal relief funds including food, income, and housing support.

Governor Schwarzenegger made an initial request for that help about two months ago,{} June 19th,{}a{}request that was denied.

Since then, critics say things have gotten much worse.

"We've got famlies that are desperate. They've lost their jobs. We've got food lines that are being inundated with need. Six and 7 hour waits to get a box of food to feed their familiy. This shouldn't be happening," said Mike Borba, of Borba Farms.

Borba went on to call the valley's water crisis, and 40 to 60 thousand unemployed, "a disaster", and our Katrina to which Washington ought to respond.