Got Guns? Fashion Show Features Concealed Weapons Holsters

Some fierce fashions took over a Clovis runway Saturday night, featuring fashions that gave a whole new meaning to the Wild West.

That's because the models, were all packing heat.

That's right, they had concealed weapons.

The fashion show featured creative ways for the women to carry their guns.

The show was put on by the Blush and Bullets Gun Club.

The group aims to teach women to defend themselves.

"I'm packing and I'm fabulous!" says Lisa Rentour, who showed KMPH Fox 26 her concealed weapon.

"It's nice that it's not obvious because in some situations you don't want people to know that you are armed."

"So many women are carrying concealed," says Corina Lopez, who founded the club.

She says events like these help women know they don't have to compromise comfort for safety.

Some of the holster designers have names like Shooting Tulips and Flash Bang.

Some are even made of lace.

"We are businesswomen. We wear skirts.{} We need a way to conceal our guns. Also, the fact they're sexy makes us feel better. We're not wearing those restrictive or ugly holsters," says Lopez.