Goose Guards Madera County Home

People resort to different means to protect their homes.

Some people count on firearms.

Others, on their four-legged friends.

But Heather Martinez of Madera County relies on "Big Boy" to protect her and her family.

"He's got four or five different barks-- {}like something is happening,{} one is I am scared, or, he's hungry," she says.

But Big Boy, is not a dog.

"I have a guard goose," Martinez says.

That's right, a goose!

Day and night, Big Boy protects the Martinez family, in the Bonadelle Ranchos neighborhood.

Big Boy has been around for about three years.

He doesn't let much phase him.

"If he doesn't like you, he won't let you pass," Martinez says.

Just ask Debbie Gonzales, who found out earlier this week.

She posted video of Big Boy, blocking the roadway, on Facebook.

"I guess maybe he thought it was his territory, and he was trying to get us away," Gonzales says.

"I've never seen a goose on the loose."

Others don't fear the bird, and even bring their kids around it.

Big boy isn't just a celebrity in Bonadelle Ranchos.

It even has fans on Instagram.

"He's his own celebrity in his own way, I guess," says Martinez.

But life in the spotlight can be lonely.

Martinez says Big Boy is looking for a mate.

But until then, it will continue on the job.

"He gets to roam free and rule the street," says Martinez.

This, is his road.

As the guardian goose.