Good Samaritan Rescues Man In Canal

A man fishing in a Fresno irrigation canal nearly drowned.{} Luckily he was plucked out of shallow water by a man passing by on a bike. {}

Donald White and a friend were riding their bicycles on the canal bank along east McKinley when they saw a man fall in the water.{}{} He called 911.{} "While they were on their way he went under water so{}I went down the bank and pulled him out."{}{}

Emergency crews weren't far behind.{} It took a few minutes but they were able to get him up the steep bank to safety.{} White says the man was frightened after falling in the water.{}{}"Oh just keeping him calm. {} Keeping him alive."

The water appeared to be shallow but for some reason the man became disoriented after falling in.{} He was taken to the hospital to be check out in the emergency room.