Good Samaritan Returns Nearly $7K In Cash

Thanks to one man's honesty, nearly $7,000 in cash is back where it belongs.

A 46-year-old Exeter man returned $6,900 in cash he found last week in a Department of Motor Vehicles parking lot, the Visalia Police Department said.

Police said Breck Reeves found the money at the Visalia DMV on 1711 E. Main Street on Aug.6. There was no one around and the owner was nowhere to be found, a Visalia Police Department spokesman said.

Reeves said he was on his way to pick up some brochures for a driving test when he spotted the envelope on the ground.

"I was sitting there counting it and it was like $5,000 or more and I was like this is way too much," Reeves Said. "I was really upset in my stomach that I even had this much money."

Reeves and his wife, Sarah, could have easily used the money. The two live off of one disability check a month.{} But for the two, the choice to give back the money was an easy one to make.

Reeves handed the cash over to DMV officials who then called the police department.

On Aug. 7, a Visalia resident entered the Visalia Police Department to say they had lost a large sum of money in the DMV parking lot.

After providing necessary documentation to prove that the money did belong to them, the cash was returned to the original owner.