Giant Treat From Former Clovis High Grad

A Clovis High graduate of 1975 decided to{}give 100 of his former classmates something to talk about for the rest of the summer.{} David Simpson is a successful businessman now living in St. Louis who has never forgotten his roots. {} He's also a huge Giants fan.

Simpson arranged to have two charter busses ready to hit the road Saturday morning for A-T-&-T Park in San Francisco.{} He invited former classmates from Clovis High{}and Fort Washington Elementary.{} The invitations were sent on Face book.{}{}{}"Oh my gosh, a tremendous response. {} Everybody loves it. {} At first people couldn't, like what, were going to the game. {} I'm like yes it's all taken care of let's all go and have a good time."

Simpson went first class.{} His former classmates got to watch the Giants play the Florida Marlins in a suite that seats 100. {} Simpson started an auto and home warranty company in St. Louis and parlayed that into multiple companies.{}{}"I decided that as you get older in age family and friends are what count most. {} I wanted to reconnect with everybody. {} I'm professionally lucky that{}I could do this so{}I said let's all get together and have a good time."

It was a day made to order for David Simpson as the Giants beat the Marlins 2-1.{}{}{}{}