Snow Falls On Mountain Communities

Kent Byers in Oakurst


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While some communities in the Central Valley are dealing with frost, several others are getting ready for snow. In Auberry six inches of snow could fall on Saturday.

"I'm kind of looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to the pipes freezing, but we'll do a little four wheeling," says John Vega, "I think it'll be nice."

The last time it snowed in Auberry and nearby communities was in March. Before that the last big snow storm was in March 2012. Vega says he's prepared for when the snowflakes start to fall.

"I already bought flashlights and candles," he adds, "I also stocked up on wood. So, we're prepared. We're mountain folk, we can handle it."

Prather is also expected to get several inches of snow. At the town's general store they're covering up items that can get ruined.

"If we get snow once a year that's often enough for the people around here," says Chris Amundson," The kids like it."

Something the general store likes is that snow brings in business.

"It certainly raises our business level. People are getting ready, buying their insulation and tarps for covering things," adds Amundson.

Everyone tells KMPH Fox 26 the more snow the better, because water is desperately needed.