Get Out! People Living At The Fresno Inn Given Eviction Notice

People who live at the "Fresno Inn" say they've just received an eviction notice. The motel is being demolished to make way for high speed rail and the notice says the building will be torn down on September 1st. What the notice does not say is when people have to move out and that's leaving many in limbo.

"They saw us get married here, they saw us have a child here, they know us," says Christine Wilson, "It's not like they're doing it to strangers."

Christine Wilson has called the "Fresno Inn" home for 7-months. However, the 3-day notice says Wilson, her husband and baby have to get out.

"They should have taken the courtesy to let us have the time to get money together," adds Wilson.

{}People who live at the motel say the eviction notice not listing a move out date isn't the only confusing thing. There are also 2 spelling errors, so people question if the document is even legal.

"It makes me feel terrible, because they had no right to do this," says Wilson.

Wilson's neighbor, Robert fowler didn't just receive the 3-day eviction notice, he also received a 60-day notice back in June. He says management took the 60-day notice back.

"We were told when we got the demolition notice that there was no way we would have to be out of here until January," says Fowler.

Another big uncertainty is where all these people are going to go.

"We're definitely not here by choice," says Lore Jackson, "So, we don't know where we're going to go and we have no where to go."

Fowler says "Fresno Inn" management says people can move to the "Hotel California." {}But, he says that's not an option for him.

"That place is really unfit for living and its all upstairs," adds Fowler, "That's where they want to me to go and there's no way."

KMPH went to the "Fresno Inn" front office and the man who works at the front desk said we had to leave. We asked him when people need to move and he says on September 1st. {}When asked if the owner's name is Doctor Bhatia who works in Long Beach, the clerk said it's something like that. KMPH asked him for a phone number and he would not give me one. KMPH left a message at Dr. Bhatia's Long Beach practice, but it was closed.