Gasoline Price War in Porterville!

There's a gasoline price war in Porterville-- and customers say they are winning!

Take for instance, Toby Stone. He{}always puts the same dollar amount of gasoline into his SUV: $60.

"It's kinda depressing. I don't pay attention to the amount of gasoline. I just fill up as much as I can," he said Monday afternoon, as he pumped gas at JJ's Food Mart on Henderson and Prospect.

What he didn't expect, was that his dollar stretched further after the owner of the store dropped the price over the weekend{}to $3.55 a gallon-- less than most stations in town.

"I may come back and fill up some tanks!" he said.

Other customers quickly caught on.

"Makes me wish I had more money. I'd be filling up everyone's car!" said Michael Garcia.

John Pryor adds, "I thought it was a joke. I had to stop and look at it."

So how is the station able to offer it's gas at a price that's less expensive?

The owner of the store said his supplier recently dropped his prices, so he decided to drop his prices, too.

He adds that he really doesn't profit off gas anyway.

He says his stations make most of their money off what's inside, like fountain drinks, chips, and other goodies.

Workers say they don't know how long the prices will stay the slow.

So far, this has pressured at least two other gas stations to drop their prices too.

"I do business with someone down the street. I asked if they plan to drop prices too. They said no. I guess they lost a customer," said Pryor.