Gas Skimmers Found At Los Banos Gas Station

{}Los Banos police say they have found two devices that steal credit card numbers at a local gas station.

Police say a technician was working at the pumps when he found two different skimming devices attached to the pumps credit card readers. The devices are used to steal credit card information, such as numbers, pins, and possibly names and addresses.

If you think your credit card information was stolen there are some things you do to protect yourself. Police say check your bank and credit card statement everyday. If you do notice suspicious charges on your statement call your bank or credit card company right away. Investigators also say you should monitor your credit reports.

Police say they are asking other gas stations in Los Banos to check their credit card readers to make sure gas skimmers are not on them.

If you know who is responsible for the gas skimmers you can call Merced County Crime Stoppers at 1-855-725-2420.